Our approach to civil engineering & utility services

Health & Safety lies in our company infrastructure.

From the organisational environment through management attitude and commitment to the nature of the job or task and the personal attributes of the individual. Ensuring all our employees are aware of all the health and safety issues on site helps to reduce accidents, has a positive effect on our business profitability, reduces downtime and lessens the risk of accidents and serious injury.

By ensuring that our managers have a sound understanding of the principles of risk management they build an effective safety culture in the company
The management of Health & Safety in our business will be positive, proactive and systematic and embody a principle of continuous improvement. The identification of hazards and the avoidance, elimination or reduction and control of risks, with the objective of achieving a safe working environment, will be a priority.

MCH has adopted a framework for continual improvement by conducting regular audits, to assure progress and management commitment. We take into account the latest developments of the project, customer and client needs and local landowners, resident’s expectations. This ensures that all arrangements are reviewed regularly to reflect the ongoing need of the project.

Managing ongoing performance will require monitoring performance and managing the performance management system. Fundamental to this process is reviewing specific performance trends, contract failure areas, and improvement areas with the supplier/contractor. These areas need to be recorded and documented as part of the supplier management system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Focusing on the following:

  • Creating excellent working relationships
  • Listening to our customers
  • Exceeding our customers expectations
  • Delivering projects on budget and in timescale
  • Providing flexible procurement & risk minimisation
Commits to the highest standards of environmental protection, compliance with environmental legislation, the provision of adequate material and human resources and the achievement of continual performance improvement. Individual projects will be subject to rigorous audit, inspection and monitoring programmes to ensure that the works are being conducted in compliance with Parkway Environmental Management System and relevant environmental standards and legislation.
MCH achieves an open culture, which recognises that Safety, Health, and Environment are an integral part of the way we do things in our day-to-day activities. We actively praise individuals for good HS&E behaviour and will provide constructive feedback and coaching where necessary to support our goals. Ongoing training gives our workforce new skills and develops existing ones, to keep our business competitive, and keep a dedicated workforce. To support this we provide the following:
• Programme to ensure all employees are trained in basic Health, Safety and Environmental issues which affect their day to day working environment
• Increase standard of HS&E briefing, team meetings and discussions by building upon coaching, two-way participation and providing constructive feedback.
•  Research all training needs of employees and sub-contractors
On Site Safety Measures
MCH has a Duty of Care to ensure we work safely on all sites and that work carried out by sub-contractors and specialist service providers is also conducted in a safe manner. Due to this, we ensure that our own Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work are in place and sub-contractors are required to produce their own documents.
Personal Protective Equipment:
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to protect individuals against a number of risks whilst at work. MCH require individuals to always wear the appropriate PPE for each task and refer to the site-specific Risk Assessment, Method Statement for specific PPE requirements, the minimum PPE requirements are as follows:
  • General Handling Gloves
  • General Purpose Ankle Safety Boot
  • Hi-Viz Waistcoat or Jacket
  • Flame retardant overalls
  • Safety Goggles
  • Safety Helmet
  • Ear Defenders to fit safety helmet


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